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Facebookers express joy at Nayati’s return

The Cape Town family of 12-year-old Nayati Moodliar, who was kidnapped six days ago in Kuala Lumpur before being returned to them this morning, say they are overjoyed with his return.

His aunt Anushia Moodliar in Cape Town said this morning they received a call shortly before 4am telling them Nayati had been found.

“We are absolutely overjoyed and relieved that he has been returned to us, unharmed.”

Caroline Swanepoel, another aunt in Cape Town, said Nayati returned “hungry and tired”, according to SABC news.

“My sister said she will talk to us this afternoon, but she was off to the hospital with him just to have a routine check-up,” Swanepoel said.

“It’s been the best news ever that Nayati is back… he came home hungry and tired.”

Shortly after 9am today his father Shamelin Moodliar posted a picture on Twitter showing the boy walking home from hospital with friends.

Nayati was kidnapped on Friday while walking to Mont’ Kiara International School near his home in Kuala Lumpur.

A police source in Malaysia said the boy was released early today in the town of Rawang on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur after an undetermined amount of ransom money was paid to the kidnappers.

The Moodliar family confirmed the child’s safe recovery but would not give details about the circumstances of his release.

The family first posted a message on the Facebook group set up to help find Nayati: “We have got Nayati back! He is back to our arms again! Thank you all for your support! We will post soon!”

This was followed by a lengthier message in which they thanked just over 20 000 members in the group and said they could not reveal any more information as the kidnapping was still under investigation.

“We cannot begin to say how proud we are of him and the way that he has coped with the events of the past week,” they said.

“As we are sure you will understand, Nayati’s kidnapping is the subject of an ongoing investigation so we are unfortunately not at liberty to reveal any of the details of the case at this stage.”

Facebookers from all over the world expressed their joy at him being found.

One user commented: “This is the best news (I have) received. I have been worried sick all week, I teared up every time I hug my son to sleep thinking of how much his parents must have missed Nayati… Now I cried with joy that all our joined prayers have been answered. Big hugs.”

Nayati’s parents previously lived in Cape Town. His father attended Bishops College and his mother, Janice Smith, went to Norman Henshilwood High School. The couple also have a daughter, Saffiya. 6.

The family did not confirm the reports of a ransom payment.

A Malaysian businessman and a Malaysian news portal had reportedly earlier offered a reward totalling 60 000 ringgit (R154 000) for information leading to Nayati’s return


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Parents rally to spread posters of snatched boy

Parents of schoolmates of kidnapped Nayati Moodliar are rallying and distributing posters to help find the missing boy.

There were no leads yesterday, the third day since he was snatched.

However, Walter Morris, the head of Mont’ Kiara International School in Kuala Lumpur where Nayati was a Grade 7 pupil, said he was optimistic the 12-year-old would be found and returned to his parents.

Nayati was abducted on Friday as he was nearing the school on foot.

His father Shamelin Moodliar and mother Janice Smith are originally from Cape Town and a number of their relatives live there. The family has dual SA-Dutch citizenship.

Yesterday on the school’s website, which Morris frequently updated with developments about Nayati’s case, he said parents at the school had indicated they were creating posters with Nayati’s picture and information on them. These were then being distributed.

On his website update, Morris said new posters had been developed and he had arranged for an extra 1 000 copies to be printed in each language.

The posters would be available for parents to pick up at the school this morning.

Morris attached the posters in an e-mail so that anyone wanting to print and distribute them could also do so.

“I am hopeful that I will have positive news to report in the very near future… Our children feed on our energy so it is important that we as adults remain positive and strong.

“Nayati will soon be returned to his family, safe and sound, of that I am optimistic,” he said.

On Sunday, Moodliar said that because of safety concerns about his son, he would not yet be granting interviews to the media.

His family were coping, especially because of the overwhelming number of support messages they were receiving from around the world, he said.

Moodliar’s cousin in Cape Town, Anushiar Moodliar, had also declined an interview due to the media blackout.

But on the Facebook group, Please Help us to find Nayati Moodliar, set up shortly after he was abducted, Nayati’s family was posting brief updates about the case.

“As of noon today (April 30, 2012), Nayati’s whereabouts are still unknown…

“As for offerings of well wishes and prayers, we welcome them and we feel truly blessed and touched by them,” one post read.

By mid-afternoon yesterday, nearly 12 000 people had “liked” the group. Scores of people also posted messages of support to the family.

On Friday on the Facebook group, Moodliar had said that two men in a Black Proton Gen-2 had snatched his son. He had begged for the men to free Nayati.

Late yesterday, Moodliar had posted a few messages on his Twitter account.

One message said: “Keep on praying and supporting. We have no news, but you are all keeping us strong.” – Pretoria News

Anyone with information about Nayati can e-mail his family on


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Alleged kidnapper nabbed

The alleged kidnapper of a three-year-old girl in Cape Town has been arrested after a tip-off from a vagrant, the city said on Thursday.

The girl, Chante Christoffels, was abducted from a Bellville parking lot in September last year. She was missing for nearly a month before her kidnapper left her in front of a block of flats in Bellville.

“While on patrol in the Bellville CBD yesterday (Wednesday) afternoon, law enforcement officers were approached by a vagrant who said he had just seen the girl’s kidnapper,” the city said in a statement.

“He led the officers to the suspect whom they took into custody and transported to Chante’s mother’s house.”

The girl’s mother confirmed the person had abducted her daughter. The alleged kidnapper was taken to the Bellville police station and arrested.

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Baby murder: crowd bay for blood

Police had to be called in to control scores of angry residents outside the Mitchells Plain Magistrate’s Court yesterday who were demanding to see the mother who allegedly confessed to killing her two-year-old son.

This was after Zulpha Jacobs, 30, made her first appearance at the court.

When a vehicle, which residents believed was transporting Jacobs, tried to leave the court grounds, they ran to block the exit and shouted: “Zulpha is a murderer. Bring her to us.”

The police’s tactical response team arrived to disperse the crowd, but some residents still shouted threats and banged on the car as it was driven through the crowd.

Police are also investigating Jacobs for possibly having played a role in the deaths of two of her other children.

pn tariq protestAngry residents protest outside the Mitchells Plain Magistrates Court where Zulpha Jacobs appeared on charges of killing her own child. Picture: Henk Kruger


Earlier yesterday before Jacobs appeared in court, residents had gathered outside the building. Some had posters reading: “No bail.”

When relatives of Tariq’s father, Walied Jacobs, arrived, the crowd shouted that Jacobs was a killer before Tariq’s aunt, Tawgheeda Davids, broke down and wept.

Because of the large number of residents who had arrived to see Jacobs in court and because of concerns for her safety, police officers did not allow anyone other than journalists and court officials into the courtroom.

When Jacobs emerged from the holding cells, she covered her face with the hood of a baggy top.

A navy scarf covered her head.

Jacobs slouched and leant on the dock throughout proceedings.

Prosecutor Laetitia du Plessis said the State was opposing Jacobs’s release on bail. “The State fears for the life of the accused if released.”

Jacobs’s legal aid attorney, Theo Hartzenberg, said she would not apply for bail.

It had been medically confirmed that she was pregnant and therefore he requested she be kept in the Pollsmoor Prison hospital section.

But the prosecutor said this was incorrect as medical tests had in fact shown Jacobs was not pregnant.

Hartzenberg then briefly consulted Jacobs and told the court Jacobs had a growing abscess on one of her ovaries that needed to be removed and requested that she undergo another pregnancy test.

Du Plessis confirmed Jacobs had an abscess, but repeated that Jacobs was not pregnant.

During proceedings, residents tried to push their way into the courtroom and three police officers had to stand with their backs pressed against the door in an effort to keep them out.

After proceedings, Jacobs walked from the dock to the holding cells, trying to cover her face.

She could be seen wiping one eye as if she was crying.

When the group outside the courtroom realised Jacobs had appeared, they rushed outside hoping to see her being taken to prison.

Walied Jacobs’s family pushed through the crowd and got into a van with tinted windows.

From a front seat in the van Tariq’s grandmother, Farida Jacobs, muttered: “This is too much, too much.”

The crowd then gathered in front of a gate they expected Jacobs to be transported through. “We’re going to get her when they bring her out,” residents shouted.

When they saw the car they believed she was in, some discussed lying in its path to prevent it from leaving the court.

A policeman eventually opened all the car doors and boot, showing them Jacobs was not inside.

But the residents did not budge.

The massive crowd eventually dispersed when the police were given an order, from Mitchells Plain station commander JJ Brand, to arrest them if they remained for 15 minutes as they were gathering in public illegally.

Brand told them Jacobs had already been taken to prison.

The residents vowed to return to court on Monday when Jacobs was expected to appear again.

Jacobs reported Tariq missing on Thursday and police found his body behind a school in Beacon Valley on Saturday.

Two days ago police spokesman November Filander said Jacobs had confessed to killing the boy.

Two days ago Jacobs’s father, Shahied Jappie, said that in 2001 Jacobs’s daughter, nearly two years old, died of a suspected cot death.

Three years ago her second child, a two-year-old son, died after drinking liquid used to clean CDs, Jappie said.

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MISSING MOM AND SON – TEA YOLANDA PLANT 36 YR & RAMSEY PLANT 5 YR – 18 OCT 2011. She moved on the 18th October 2011 from her house in Portland Mitchell’s Plain & said she is moving to Cape Town with her son. Her family tried calling her, but her telephone goes to voicemail. From the time she moved her family were unable to contact her. Yolanda is 65 kg, 1.6 M, dark hair & eyes large ears. She has barb wire tattoo on left arm and sun flower on right arm. Ramsey is an autistic child and can’t speak much only mommy or daddy. This photo is when he was younger and his hair is short now and not curly. SAPS MITCHELLS PLAIN WC -Sergeant Mzingisi Ngomane: Cell: 079 894 1548 – PLTT 071 249 0388 – 076 182 3848


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Nightmare as girl’s body found

On Monday a Khayelitsha grandfather heard a news report about a serial rapist who had assaulted dozens of children in his community, and another report about the murder of a Gugulethu toddler.

Hours later his nightmare started when his granddaughter, Zikhona Qhayi, 8, went missing. Yesterday her body was found on bushy dunes in Harare, Khayelitsha.

She is the second child to be murdered in Cape Town in five days. “I can’t believe this has happened to her. Our girl. She had her whole life in front of her. Now she’s just another dead child,” Max Seku, Zikhona’s grandfather, said yesterday near the spot where her body was found. “I heard about this happening to other children. I heard the awful things that have been happening and now it’s real. I saw her body with my own eyes.”

Zikhona’s mother, Tisia Qhayi, collapsed after hearing that her only child had been murdered, and Seku said she had been hospitalised for shock. After Zikhona’s body was found on the bushy dunes, angry community members gathered nearby as police officers scoured a large cordoned-off area. An officer could be seen carrying two evidence bags containing what appeared to be a man’s takkies and clothing. Members of the police’s tactical response team, some heavily armed, searched for clues, and a sniffer dog was used.

While police were busy on the dunes, residents cheered as a rumour spread that a man, apparently a relative of Seku’s, had been arrested for Zikhona’s murder. Shaking his head, Seku appeared dazed and eventually walked away from the cheering crowd, covering his ears to block the shouting.

It later emerged that no arrest had been made.

IOL news oct 11 SA ct muder1 (19943929)Max Seku, grandfather of Zikhona Qhayi, 8, who was found murdered in Khayelitsha yesterday, covers his ears as angry residents shout after hearing that someone had apparently been arrested for the killing. But it was later discovered that this was not the case. Picture: Michael Walker


Earlier, Seku said Zikhona had been playing outside their Harare home on Monday afternoon. “She didn’t come inside at the usual time. By 8pm she still wasn’t inside,” he said.

Seku and Zikhona’s mother immediately started looking for her. At 1am they called the police. “We looked everywhere, but nothing. We were awake the whole night looking,” Seku said.

At 8am Seku saw a commotion on the dunes near their home. “I ran up the hill, through the bushes. Then I saw her. There was stuff lying around her,” he said. Seku said Zikhona had still been dressed in jeans and a pink top.

“I tried to see if she was stabbed, but couldn’t. I don’t know how she died. Who would hurt a child? Who would see something so little playing outside with her friends and then want to hurt this little person? I can’t understand. All I’m clinging to right now is that God gives and takes, and I need to make peace with that,” he said, wiping his tears away.

Seku said Zikhona had been a bright child who loved dancing.

On Friday, five days before Zikhona’s murder, three-year-old Athenkosi Nkone was killed in Gugulethu. A man who lived nearby has been arrested.

Last Tuesday, 21-month-old Ovayo Maxetuka went missing from his Khayelitsha home. His grandmother and a neighbour were arrested on suspicion of selling him. Ovayo was found unharmed three days later with a woman who has been arrested.

Last week police said they had arrested a 25-year-old man in Philippi who had been linked to more than 20 rapes in Khayelitsha involving children.

Anyone with information about Zikhona’s murder may contact Warrant Officer René Burger on 021 360 9000, Captain Sakkie van der Westhuizen on 079 880 9861 or CrimeStop anonymously on 08600 10111

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Leigh Amos 14 yrs old Missing!!!

Missing Missing : Maitland WC Leigh Amos 14 yrs 6 Oct 2011. Maitland police is requesting the assistance of the public in tracing Leigh a 14 year old has a light complexion, about 1,6m tall, weighs about 54kg. Leigh went missing from her home at Annex Street , Maitland on Thursday 2011-10-06 at about 11:25. She was last seen by her mother saying she was visiting a friend in Kensington where she also attends school. She has not been back since. The area has been searched without a result. At the time of her disappearance she was wearing Black skinny jeans, black takkies and purple hooded top. Anyone who might have seen her is requested to contact W/O Siyabulela Vukubi at (021) 506 9400 or Cell No 071 604 8350 or The Pink Ladies Task Team on Cell: 071 249 0388. Please share, download a flyer and send send send thanks PLTT


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