Witnesses say victim was talking to shooter

07 May

A teenage boy has been arrested for the murder of a known Cape Flats gang figure gunned down metres from his home.

Those close to the victim say there was an attempt on his life a few weeks ago but he managed to escape death. But on Sunday, Ralph “Jakkals” Petersen was not so lucky.

Witnesses say Ralph was standing talking to his killer when the young man allegedly pulled out a gun and shot him in the head.

Police say the cold-blooded murder is definitely gang-related.

Petersen’s neighbours and friends gathered outside his home in Mahogany Street, Bonteheuwel, while his body lay on the pavement two houses away.

“I can’t believe that he is lying there dead,” said one friend.

“We grew up together and were friends since we were small.

“We even played soccer together but then you mos know how it goes.

“I joined the Americans and he became a Dixie Boy but we were still friends.”

The man tells the Daily Voice that Petersen had spent several years in jail for murder and came out a changed man.

“He was a 26 but he wasn’t still involved in that lifestyle,” adds the man.

“He was chilled and wanted for there to be peace in the area.”

Another friend says Petersen was shot at five times a few weeks ago but wasn’t interested in getting revenge.

“One of the bullets hit him in the leg and he had to walk with crutches, even lying there he still has the bullets in him,” says the young woman.

“He knew who it was that shot him but he didn’t go looking for revenge.

“He didn’t want to live that life because he didn’t want to go back to prison,” she adds.

Police spokeswoman Marie Louw says cops arrested a 17-year-old boy hours after the shooting.

“It is unclear when he will appear in court because he is a minor but we can confirm that the shooting was gang-related,” says Louw.

“The deceased was also shot over the Easter weekend but he didn’t make a case

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