Warmer seas linked to more sharks in False Bay

03 May

Shark spotters have seen an unusually high number of great white sharks at False Bay beaches this weekend, which is believed to be a result of the warm sea temperatures.

The high alert red flag flew at several beaches, warning the public that sharks had been spotted.

Gregg Oelofse of the city’s environmental resources management department said on Sunday: “It’s been a busy weekend in terms of the number of sightings.

It’s very late in the season to have such a busy weekend,” he said referring to the summer when there is an increase in shark activity in the inshore areas of False Bay.

“The beaches have been open, but the red flags have been there to say: ‘Don’t go out to the backline. Staying chest or waist deep would be the smart move.’ “

Coupled with the warmer water inshore was a drop in the water temperature around Seal Island.

“We’ve had a… researcher look at our data and he found a distinct correlation between the number of sightings and temperatures between 18º to 22ºC.”

Great whites congregate around Seal Island in winter to prey on young seals and move inshore in spring and summer to feed on fish that move into the bay

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