Parents rally to spread posters of snatched boy

03 May

Parents of schoolmates of kidnapped Nayati Moodliar are rallying and distributing posters to help find the missing boy.

There were no leads yesterday, the third day since he was snatched.

However, Walter Morris, the head of Mont’ Kiara International School in Kuala Lumpur where Nayati was a Grade 7 pupil, said he was optimistic the 12-year-old would be found and returned to his parents.

Nayati was abducted on Friday as he was nearing the school on foot.

His father Shamelin Moodliar and mother Janice Smith are originally from Cape Town and a number of their relatives live there. The family has dual SA-Dutch citizenship.

Yesterday on the school’s website, which Morris frequently updated with developments about Nayati’s case, he said parents at the school had indicated they were creating posters with Nayati’s picture and information on them. These were then being distributed.

On his website update, Morris said new posters had been developed and he had arranged for an extra 1 000 copies to be printed in each language.

The posters would be available for parents to pick up at the school this morning.

Morris attached the posters in an e-mail so that anyone wanting to print and distribute them could also do so.

“I am hopeful that I will have positive news to report in the very near future… Our children feed on our energy so it is important that we as adults remain positive and strong.

“Nayati will soon be returned to his family, safe and sound, of that I am optimistic,” he said.

On Sunday, Moodliar said that because of safety concerns about his son, he would not yet be granting interviews to the media.

His family were coping, especially because of the overwhelming number of support messages they were receiving from around the world, he said.

Moodliar’s cousin in Cape Town, Anushiar Moodliar, had also declined an interview due to the media blackout.

But on the Facebook group, Please Help us to find Nayati Moodliar, set up shortly after he was abducted, Nayati’s family was posting brief updates about the case.

“As of noon today (April 30, 2012), Nayati’s whereabouts are still unknown…

“As for offerings of well wishes and prayers, we welcome them and we feel truly blessed and touched by them,” one post read.

By mid-afternoon yesterday, nearly 12 000 people had “liked” the group. Scores of people also posted messages of support to the family.

On Friday on the Facebook group, Moodliar had said that two men in a Black Proton Gen-2 had snatched his son. He had begged for the men to free Nayati.

Late yesterday, Moodliar had posted a few messages on his Twitter account.

One message said: “Keep on praying and supporting. We have no news, but you are all keeping us strong.” – Pretoria News

Anyone with information about Nayati can e-mail his family on


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