Boy tried to save cousin in shoot-out

20 Apr

A young boy scrambled desperately to save his cousin when they were caught in gang shoot-out.

But 12-year-old Sadé Boltman died in the crossfire and her cousin, Quade Fredericks, 12, was shot in the face as rival gangs traded gunfire in Bonteheuwel on Saturday night.

Quade is recovering in hospital after doctors removed a bullet from his jaw on Tuesday and had yet to be told that Sadé was dead.

A group of seven, including the two children, Sadé’s older sister Tiffany, 17, and another cousin, Roné Schouw, 18, were walking from Sadé’s grandmother’s house when they got caught in the shoot-out on Vlamboom Road.

Tiffany was shot in the foot. The others were unhurt.

Suspect Faizel Swartz, 21, appeared in the Bishop Lavis Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday where he is facing charges of murder and attempted murder.

Sadé and Tiffany’s grandmother, Hazel Schwartz, said on Tuesday that Quade had been asking to see his cousin.

“He underwent surgery to have the bullet removed from his jaw and is recovering in hospital.

“We haven’t told him yet because we didn’t want to upset him before surgery, but we will be able to tell him now.”

Tiffany will be discharged from hospital at the end of the week.

A tearful Roné recounted how the tragedy unfolded.

“It was after 9pm and there were seven of us walking down Vlamboom Road.

“I remember chatting on my phone; Sadé and Quade were walking in front.

“Then the bullets started flying.

“My mind was saying: ‘Lie on the ground, but I was saying to the others to run,” she said.

All the children had then fled.

“Quade noticed that Sadé wasn’t next to him and he turned back for her. But as he tried to pick her up, he was shot in the face, so he started running.”

Roné said she had found shelter in someone’s yard and told her younger cousins to find cover.

“I went back to look for Sadé and saw her covered in blood. I think the first few bullets hit her,” she said .

Sadé’s mother, Sherrie, said her daughter was an angel who “loved to play pranks and who loved everyone”.

“We saw her last on Saturday afternoon; she came from a spiritual dancing practice.

“She had so many dreams and loved God’s work.

“We believe that something good will come from this.

“She is safely in God’s arms and she’s an angel.”

Swartz was arrested soon after the shooting. He was allegedly in possession of a 9mm pistol and ammunition.

He has been charged with murder, two counts of attempted murder and the illegal possession of a firearm and ammunition.

Wearing a white fez, yellow T-shirt and blue jeans, Swartz greeted people in the public gallery as he entered the dock.

Prosecutor Colleen de Louw said he was charged with a serious offence, set out in Schedule 5 of the Criminal Procedure Act.

That meant Swartz had to show that it was in the interests of justice to release him on bail.

Swartz told magistrate Paul Louw that he wanted to bring a formal bail application.

It is not yet clear how Swartz will plead and whether he has any previous convictions, pending cases or outstanding warrants.

No gang affiliation was mentioned in court.

Swartz will remain behind bars until May 3 when he is due to apply for bail

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