Gang of high school girls attacks 4 pupils

26 Feb

A bloody fight between school girls has left one learner in hospital with a punctured lung.

Three of the stabbed girl’s friends were also injured when they were ambushed.

The grade 10 Tafelsig High School girls were on their way home from school on Wednesday when they were allegedly attacked by pupils from Spine Road High School.

It is believed their attackers are members of the Sexy Girls gang.

During the attack, one of the girls was stabbed in her back seven times.

Another was seriously injured when she was stabbed in her lung and two others also walked away with stab wounds in their backs.

The 16-year-old who escaped with multiple stab wounds says they went looking for another friend who called her.

“(A friend) called me (shortly after school was dismissed) and asked us to walk home with her because they (the other learners) wanted to hurt her,” she tells the Daily Voice.

But when they got to the meeting point, the girl was not there.

“We think this was a set-up because when we got to the next road, there was a group of more than 20 of them waiting for us,” says the badly injured girl.

“At the time I didn’t know about an argument between those girls and my friend that happened on Friday and I told the girls to leave us alone as we walked off,” she explains.

“When I turned my back, she hit me with a plank over my head and I hit her back.”

During the violent scuffle, some of the girls allegedly drew knives and stabbed the unsuspecting girls.

“We were all attacked from behind as we walked away but there were too many of them and all of them probably must have had knives,” she says.

Sitting beside her is the girl’s traumatised mother.

“This morning, doctors told us she could have been dead,” the emotional mom says.

“I am very angry because she could have been gone and she’s not even a gangster.”

Meanwhile, the other girl’s mother says her daughter has to remain in hospital a while longer.

Holding up her daughter’s bloodied clothes, the 42-year-old mother says her child is too scared to go back to school.

“It’s heartbreaking to see her in that state in hospital,” says the worried mother.

“This is really bad, my daughter has said she’s too scared to go back to school because these groups of girls are gangsters.”

The parents met with the school’s principal on Thursday who promised to resolve the issue.

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