Pregnant woman butchered on strandfontein beach

20 Feb

A pregnant woman was stabbed more than 60 times allegedly by a crazed man obsessed with marrying her.

Police say the murder suspect allegedly flew into a rage when he discovered that Phumeza Ndolo, 25, was pregnant with another man’s baby.

It is thought the hairdresser’s killer lured her to a beach then attacked her with a panga, focusing his anger on her small baby bump.

Those who saw her corpse say she was covered in wounds, but the cuts were mostly concentrated around her womb and vagina.

The suspect will appear in court on Monday charged with the horrific killing.

The Daily Voice has learned that the man gave police details of how he carried out the September 2011 murder – and his motive.

Sources revealed that the alleged killer was a highly aggressive man, and when Phumeza “Angel” Ndolo refused to sleep over at his home, he allegedly began plotting her murder.

“He went home and he was thinking about how he was going to kill her because she didn’t want to sleep at his home,” the source told the Daily Voice.

The suspect then allegedly drove his car to Nine Mile beach in Strandfontein.

“He admitted he used a panga, which to him was a knife,” the source added.

“He said he locked the door on his side of the vehicle.

“Then he walked around to the passenger’s side and pulled out the knife.

“At this point she (Phumeza) was pleading for her life when she realised what was going to happen.”

It is alleged that the man became enraged and launched a frenzied attack on Pumeza, stabbing her repeatedly.

It is understood he then buried her in a shallow grave.

But his allegedly got stuck in the sand as he made his getaway.

“He stopped a passing taxi and he took off his jeans which were full of blood,” the source said.

“When he went home, he washed the car seats and the bloodied jeans.”

Phumeza’s body was completely mutilated.

She was stabbed 60 times in the neck and even in her vagina.

Police made their breakthrough in the case last week after they took two men in for questioning.

The suspect was eventually tracked down and arrested in Philippi.

The victim’s cousin Thandeka Handi, 27, on Sunday night also told how the accused had called Phumeza the night before she disappeared on September 8.

“(The suspect) had called the previous night (Wednesday) and told Phumeza to go outside to meet him but it was already after nine o’clock at night and she said no,” Handi told the Daily Voice.

“And on the Thursday she woke up and prepared for work.

“She didn’t come home at her usual time, so at around nine o’clock I gave her phone a missed call hoping she would call me back and a few minutes later I got worried and tried to call again, but her phone was off.

“I didn’t give it much thought and went to bed. The following day (the suspect) called asking me if I had seen his “girlfriend” or had we married her off without his knowledge.

“She’d apparently been picked up by (the suspect) and went to Promenade mall for KFC.”

At first the Philippi resident did not suspect he had killed her cousin.

In fact, she was even appreciative of his apparent eagerness to help find Phumeza.

“A few days later there was talk in the family that she was in Joburg visiting her boyfriend. But (the suspect) was insistent we check mortuaries,” Handi said.

“He came to fetch me and said I should take my ID and Phumeza’s photo with me and we went to the mortuary in Salt River.

“When we got there, she was on their system but I couldn’t view her body, I was too scared. So (he) went in and came back saying it was her.”

Police spokesperson Captain FC van Wyk on Sunday night confirmed that a 31-year-old man had been arrested in connection with the gruesome murder.

“The accused will appear in court today (Monday) on a charge relating to murder,” he said.

The Daily Voice also spoke to Ndolo’s father who said he had realised something was wrong when the suspect allegedly described her stab wounds to him in graphic detail.

Lunga Dlulisa, 48, sayid he did not initially suspect the man had anything to do with his daughter’s disappearance. But after Phumeza’s body was discovered, he became wary when the suspect was allegedly able to give detailed descriptions of her horrific injuries.

“We didn’t suspect anything at the time,” Lunga said.

“But what confused me was when (he) kept describing the numerous stab wounds on her stomach and to my knowledge, the morgue only shows the corpse’s head and shoulders.

“After that, every time he saw me he would avoid me, that’s was when I got suspicious.”

The distraught dad said he wanted a chance to face his daughter’s alleged killer.

“I want him to publicly admit it and to explain why he did such a thing,” he said.

“The picture I have in my mind is of my child being stabbed repeatedly, her begging, apologising (for whatever), crying until she couldn’t anymore – I want the chance to ask him why he did this to my child, to me.”

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