Thieves blow up ATM, steal money

01 Feb

Robbers made off with cash after bombing an ATM in Durban Road, Bellville, today.

Police spokesman Captain FC van Wyk said the ATM was damaged by explosives at 4am.

“This office can confirm that earlier today an incident occurred at an ATM in Durban Road, Bellville, where the ATM was damaged, allegedly by explosive materials.”

Paul Goncalves, the owner of the Tyger Manor Kwikspar, which is next to the bombed ATM, said the police were already on the scene when he arrived at the shop at 6.15am.

His shop was closed this morning and employees waited outside the area cordoned off by the police.

“We are not going to be opening until the scene is cleared,” Goncalves said.

He said the blast had caused some damage to his shop.

“The ATM was blown to bits and they fled with the money.”

Goncalves said the CCTV cameras seemed to have frozen during the time of the bombing.

Alex Lebi, the general manager of Eastwoods Entertainment Lounge, which is near the ATM, said no one had been injured and there had been no witnesses.

“When we arrived we heard what happened, but no one saw anything,” Lebi said.

The security guard on duty had not noticed any suspicious people or vehicles during his routine patrols.

Van Wyk said: “When the owner of a nearby bicycle shop opened his shop at approximately 5am, he noticed that the ATM was forcefully opened and money was lying inside the machine.

“The owner then immediately informed the police.”

An undisclosed amount of money was stolen.

The police said a damage to property and theft case under the Explosives Act had been opened.

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