Hunted by wild dogs

28 Jan

A pack of dogs is terrorising a neighbourhood and has already attacked two small children.

The attacks happened close to a dog killing field, where residents slaughtered pets after a fatal dog attack on a toddler last year.

On Thursday the Daily Voice spotted the pack of 10 dogs menacingly roaming the streets of Brown’s Farm, Philippi.

The animals show no fear and walk in the middle of the street, sniffing at scared passers-by.

Nontsasa Mxuba says she was forced to send her five-year-old son to the Eastern Cape after he was attacked by the dogs while playing outside the family yard.

“I was in fear for his life. I am not always home to look after him.

“The dogs attacked him while he was playing with other kids outside the yard.”

Nontsasa says her son had to be rushed to hospital with bites all over his small body.

“He could have died had his friends not run to call us,” says the upset mother.

“It reminded me of the death of the baby in Sweet Home Farm.”

Sweet Home is a neighbouring area where residents declared war on all dogs after Philasande Mbokotho, 3, was savaged to death by a pack of dogs as he played in his backyard.

No one could save the youngster from the hungry dogs, whose owner was out of the province at the time.

Two four-year-olds were also attacked but survived.

Residents armed themselves to the teeth with bricks and sticks and attacked every dog in sight.

Even puppies weren’t spared and reports emerged of little dogs being placed on train tracks to be crushed.

More than 20 dogs died in the mass slaying before cops and the SPCA were called in to restore order.

Now the same fear that fuelled the attacks is sweeping across the area.

Beauty Nonginzi was sitting in her house when her daughter, four, ran in with blood streaming down her face.

“The dogs threw her down and were beginning to bite her but fortunately some people came to her rescue,” she says.

“Children can’t play in the street because of the dogs.”

The Daily Voice tracked down the dogs’ owner but only his daughter was available.

Noncedo Bongisa, 21, couldn’t say how many dogs her father owns.

“People come and complain of these dogs attacking their children. I wish someone can just come and take them away,” she says.

SPCA inspector Moyo Ndukwana says they will speak to the owner.

Dogs are meant to be confined to their owner’s property, he adds

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