Taxi se …………. are they lawless

26 Jan

So I been commuting with Taxi’s on a regular basis and is astound by the manner they handle their daily business. There should be a law against the following:


  • A 15 minute drive takes a minibus taxi almost 1 hour as they stop at every corner looking for people to pick up or decides to turn around and start at point A. cleverly taking your money as you enter the van.
  • Chasing each other and overtaking recklessly to get to another passenger
  • Having only 2 gears to drive with
  • A door that opens by itself whilst driving
  • Kids waiting for the loudest taxi to be charmed by the driver or gartjie
  • Drivers bragging the owner is a traffic cop so they can’t get a ticket or it be scrapped immediately, that’s why they can drive as they want
  • Standing on the craziest spots almost causing accidents
  • Driving over pavements as if they in a 4 x 4
  • Putting you in another taxi so they can get a few more people on other side of the road
  • Increasing tariffs from taxi to taxi, seems they add VAT when it suits them
  • a 15 seater becomes a 18 seater or one seat infront and they put a cushion down and you actually sit on the engine and pay full price


Where is the old taxi driver, the one who greeted you and took you from A to B without a delay? Seems they all say they working and need the money. Don’t they realize if they drive normal and safe they will have regulars and money will automatically be constant on a daily basis? Smoking in a van is not mutual , they do it when they want as well as vulgar language, forget about the 4 or 6 year old in the taxi.


I was a gartjie back in the day, and we use to respect commuters as they were our bread and honey. Kids still fall prey, I see it on a daily basis, girls getting excited all because the driver plays great music. Seems the louder the music the shorter the school uniform. Great example for future generation. Respect yourself children and others will respect you.


Next time you hear Claremont, mowbray, Cape Town / village, plain / parkwood, wynberg or even delft, Bellville ask yourself, did they mean every corner stop? Overtaking recklessly and putting your life in danger or I drive pass your stop cause there is another taxi behind me.


Where are the rules and why are no one adhering to it, Who enforce these rules?????

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