Alleged copycat rapist used MXit

27 Nov

In what appears to be a copycat of Facebook rapist Thomas Bester, a man using MXit lured a young Richards Bay mother to a guesthouse and allegedly drugged and raped her.

The man had promised the 20-year-old Richards Bay woman a job in his company but when the two met last Saturday, the man allegedly spiked her drink and raped her.

The mother of a three-year-old boy had been lured to a guest house in Arboretum by the man she met on MXit who promised her a job as a sales representative at his industrial valve company, said the woman’s mother.

Her daughter, she said, was still too traumatised to speak about the incident.

She said she had been apprehensive when her daughter told her of the job opportunity and had requested to speak to the man on the phone before allowing her daughter to go to the interview.

She also checked his Facebook profile to confirm if he was who he claimed to be. After verifying the information she said her suspicion was eased.

“He sounded and seemed legit,” she said.

The businessman had sent a taxi cab to pick up her daughter from the house.

She was taken to the guesthouse where the interview was to be conducted.

She said an hour later her daughter had sent her an SMS telling her about the “gruelling interview”.

The next time she saw her daughter was five hours later where she seemed dazed.

“She told me that the man had told her to undress and she refused.

“He then called a Nigerian national who forced her to undress by beating and biting her.”

Her daughter had then been given something to drink and did not remember what happened thereafter.

When she found out what had happened to her daughter the woman said she had immediately alerted the police.

A rape case was opened.

The mother claimed when she arrived at the police station her daughter was not taken to a district surgeon or offered counselling.

She said the police had not conducted a drug test when she told them that she suspected her daughter had been drugged.

Richards Bay police spokeswoman Captain Debbie Ferreira said the woman had been taken to a district surgeon.

“Everything has been done, the suspect’s and the driver’s statements have been taken. The docket has been sent to the prosecutor and we’re just waiting for the decision,

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