Traffic cops nab hit and run driver

09 Nov

Two Cape Town traffic officers have traced the driver who seriously injured a 70-year-old pedestrian in a hit-and-run, the city said on Tuesday.

The pedestrian, who sustained head injuries, was knocked down at the intersection of Main and Fagan roads, in Strand, on Wednesday.

“On surveying the scene, officers found a broken, white, right side-mirror,” the city said in a statement.

“They collected the side-mirror (assuming that it had broken off the offending vehicle), interviewed witnesses at the scene and viewed the CCTV footage at the adjacent filling station.

“The officers then took the side-mirror to a vehicle dealership, where it was identified as belonging to an Opel Corsa light delivery vehicle.”

Further information from the CCTV footage showed that an Opel LDV was at the nearby filling station a short while before the hit-and-run.

Officers traced the registration number via the e-Natis system and were led to a residence in Strand where they found an Opel Corsa LDV missing a right side-mirror, which was identified as the offending vehicle.

An investigation docket was opened against the driver, who was arrested at the Strand Police Station for charges relating to reckless and negligent driving and for fleeing the scene of an accident.

“They went beyond the call of duty to ensure that justice prevailed,” said the city’s traffic services spokeswoman, Chief Inspector Merle Lourens.

The city said traffic officers had arrested nine motorists for driving under the influence of alcohol and had recorded over 600 traffic-related offences during illegal drag-racing operations in Sea Point, Mitchells Plain and Strand at the weekend.

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