Mom dies of grief after child raped, killed

08 Nov

The heartbroken mother of an eight-year-old girl who was raped and murdered has died from the pain of losing her only child.

The family of Natasha Qhayi, 23, say she died from grief at the horrific loss of her daughter Zikhona.

“She was hiding her true feelings, she didn’t want us to know how Zikhona’s death was affecting her,” Natasha’s sister Mpumi Qhayi, 34, tells the Daily Voice.

“She acted as if she was strong and there was nothing I could do for her.

“The man who killed Zikhona also killed my only sister.

“All she wanted was justice, she knew it could never bring her child back but it would have brought comfort for her.”

Little Zikhona was last seen hugging a man and walking away with him from her Kuyasa home in Khayelitsha.

The following day her half-naked body was found under a tree, metres away from her home.

At the time Natasha was too traumatised to speak about the loss of her only child but could only say: “I didn’t know that I would find my daughter murdered when she went missing.”

More than two weeks after her daughter was buried, Natasha passed away.

Her aunt Ennet Seku says: “She was admitted in Karl Bremmer Hospital last Wednesday and died the following day.

“I had just come from the hospital when I received a call from the nurses and they told me she wanted to speak to me I should go back, but I couldn’t, I had too many parcels. I first went home and returned hours later when she was dead already.

“When I saw her body, her eyes were wide open and I knew she didn’t want to close them until she spoke to me.

“But she gave in to be with her daughter and now hopefully they will lead us to Zikhona’s killer.”

Zikhona’s grandpa Max Seku, 60, says he hopes the police will complete their investigation soon.

“We have not yet healed from Zikhona’s tragic death and now we must deal with Natasha’s, I wish this investigation will be done soon,” he says.

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