Theft leaves 30 schools defenceless

28 Oct

Thirty Western Cape school fences have been stolen or vandalised in the past six months.

Bronagh Casey, spokeswoman for Education MEC Donald Grant, said replacing fencing at 22 schools was costing R2.8 million.

Between April and October last year 13 school fences were stolen or vandalised.

Some principals said their fences had been systematically removed over a number of months.

“Another concern is that in many instances fences that are replaced are soon stolen or vandalised again,” said Casey.

She said repairs to fences were paid for from the emergency maintenance fund.

“This fund has come under severe pressure this year because of flood damage incurred in the middle of the year.”

The department’s measures to help curb vandalism and burglary at schools include laser beams that detect activity at schools after hours.

These have been installed at 18 schools.

“We have found that the beams, together with an effective armed response company, have been successful in reducing the rate of burglary and vandalism at these schools.”

At Athlone North Primary, the fence is being replaced after sections were vandalised.

Principal Beverley Daniels said that before the replacement started pupils could not use the sport field because of safety concerns.

The school buildings and sports fields have been fenced separately and the two areas have been separated by a path which residents can use. Access to the school yard or sports fields can be controlled by gates.

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