Sinister census robbery?

25 Oct

A woman believes a census enumerator is behind a twisted robbery at her home.

She fears the burglars may have gassed her and used witchcraft because she and her grandchildren slept through the entire theft. And they woke up to find knives at the entrance to each room.

There were three small blades outside the door of her three young grandkids’ room and one large knife outside her room.

The 66-year-old grandmother, who didn’t want to be identified, says no one heard anything as the perpetrators made off with a television, LCD TV, media player, Sony PlayStation, wallets and a car.

“A woman who introduced herself as Lesedi came to the house on Tuesday and I invited her inside,” the grandma says.

“I asked to see her identity card but as she reached into her bag, I continued with the conversation and it slipped my mind.

“She asked who lives inside the house, the ages of my grandchildren and about my son’s income.

“Then the girl asked about household items like how many televisions and laptops before leaving.

“There were times when I thought some of the questions were strange but then I felt at ease when I saw her walking towards a neighbour’s house.”

Then on Thursday morning she awoke to a ransacked house.

It wasn’t long before she realised the missing items were the things she told the enumerator about.

“My son and I are always up early for our morning prayer but on Thursday we overslept, which is very unusual,” she explains.

“I walked into the living room and found the door slightly open.

“The broken television sets were still there but the plasma was gone.”

That’s when she saw the knives outside the rooms.

Police are now looking into whether the placement of the knives are muti-related.

Police spokesperson Captain FC van Wyk says no arrests have been made but the stolen car was recovered on the N2 opposite Lwandile with the speakers missing.

Marius Cronje head of Stats SA in the Western Cape says all enumerators should have a bib with the official census and Stats SA logo on it and a photo ID.

* For enquiries, people can phone 0800 110 248.

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Posted by on October 25, 2011 in Corruption


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