Furious residents attack ‘speedster’

09 Sep

Angry Cape Flats residents took the law into their own hands when they attacked a motorist who allegedly knocked over a child.

The Daily Voice had front row seats to the action and watched as the mob dragged the suspected speedster out of his car earlier this week.

The angry Heinz Park crowd were baying for blood and accused the man of reckless driving. They claim the suspect was driving at about 80km/h in a busy residential area.

People say the driver seemed to speed up when he saw people in the road and only hooted when he was metres away from the unsuspecting pedestrians.

Seconds later, he ploughed into the group, trapping a little boy under the vehicle. Fortunately the kid survived.

Residents descended on the man, grabbing his car keys from the ignition and pulling him from the red Uno.

The angry mob kept him on the scene and alerted authorities.

The crowd’s anger boiled over after a similar incident earlier in the day where another driver knocked a five-year old girl.

Ouma Amiena Fouche, 53, says : “My five-year-old grandchild was knocked down by a car this morning in front of my house.

“And now another child was knocked down a few hours later.

“No one is safe on the road, our children can’t walk anywhere because of these careless drivers.”

She says her grandchild has been admitted to Red Cross Hospital.

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