Two girls take bullets meant for lovers

07 Sep

Today we bring you two horrific stories of young women shot dead because the gunmen were after their boyfriends.

In both shocking cases, the slain victims’ partners admit the bullets that killed their lovers were meant for them.

In the first bloody incident 17-year-old Nabuweyah Maasdorp was shot dead by people who were after her boyfriend Toreeq Petersen, 21.

Toreeq blames his former gang buddies.

“I was a member of the School Boys and the Americans, but then I told them I wanted out a year ago when I had my child,” Toreeq explains.

He says this angered the gang who attacked him.

“But I managed to escape in one piece,” says the Heinz Park man.

But on Eid this year that all changed.

“On Eid day a mechanic that works at my place beat up the captain of the School Boys,” explains Toreeq.

“And then on Sunday morning at around 2am while we were standing by the fire outside my house a car with no lights, drove towards us.”

Toreeq says he became suspicious and told Nabuweyah to go into the house while he went to the toilet.

“I heard gunshots soon after that, when I went outside she was laying on the ground shot dead,” he says.

Toreeq says the shooter is believed to be part of the School Boys gang.

“I just want the person who did this to know they will not get away with it,” he adds angrily.

Just an hour later, a few kilometres away in Crossroads, another woman also lay dying in a pool of her own blood.

Her 27-year-old boyfriend also admits the bullet that ended Nonkululeko Duna’s young life was intended to kill him.

“I don’t know why someone would want to shoot me, but I know he was definitely aiming for me,” says the young man. “Maybe he came after me for something that I did in the past.”

The grieving man says he and Nonkululeko, 21, had just returned from a party at 3am when they were hit.

He says: “When we got to my place I realised I didn’t have the keys and told her we should walk to my brother’s house.

“When we got out of the yard we saw a car with bright lights shining on us. The driver got out and started shooting.”

He says Nonkululeko couldn’t run fast so he pushed her into a yard while he ran in another direction.

“When the shooter left I ran back and I found her laying in the yard… She had been shot in the back and shoulder,” he explains.

The wounded woman died in hospital later.

Now her grieving mom Nophumzile Duna, 56, wants answers.

“I need to know why my child was shot dead… I know that bullet was not meant for her,” says the mom Nophumzile sadly.

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