Drug addict turns on family

01 Sep

A Cape Flats mother says she has little to celebrate this Eid after her tikkop son stabbed his siblings in a drug-fuelled rage.

Nabuweya Williams, 59, of Delft, says she’s been living in fear ever since she found out five years ago that Iebrahim, 25, was on drugs.

“He used to be a very quiet boy until he started mixing with the wrong friends,” she begins to explain.

“I heard he was on drugs five years ago, then I took him to the doctor. It was there when I first heard he’s on tik.”

Desperately hoping that her son would kick the habit, Nabuweya tried to keep her son’s addiction a secret from her neighbours, all the while she and her family lived in constant fear for their lives inside their home.

“As time went on, he became aggressive and I’d always buy him over with money or food or anything as long as he doesn’t snap,” says the single mother.

“We were very close and I love my son but then things got out of control.

“I tried everything and went everywhere to get help for him maar ek kan net nie reg kom nie (but I just cannot get help). It became so bad that sometimes I felt like killing him,” Nabuweya says.

She says her son has already stabbed her once and recently assaulted her.

Nabuweya adds that she even got an interdict from the police to protect her family.

On Monday, her worst fear came true during one of Iebrahim’s outbursts.

“I went to the police station the morning to take away a copy of his interdict so that they could take him away from here, after he woke up that morning and said he’d kill all of us [Monday],” she explains.

“When he became aggressive, he got a knife and his brother hit him with a broom so he could stop. We managed to get him off the property but then he jumped over the wall and came back to stab his brother and sister,” she says crying.

Iebrahim then stabbed his brother Riyaan, 16, in the chest and his sister Naeema Abrahams, 35, in her back.

Fortunately the knife wounds were not serious.

Sobbing inside her kitchen, Nabuweya says she stood by helplessly.

“Ek kon nie eers my kind gehelp het nie (I coudn’t even help my child),” she cries.

“My daughter looked me in the eyes screaming for help and I saw him stab her but there was nothing I could do, he’s a dangerous man.

“I just wish I could get help for him. I don’t know what else to do.”

Naeema eventually beat Iebrahim over the head with a spade to stop his vicious attack. He has since been hospitalised.

The distraught mother says:

“He’s my child and I will always love him but my family and I can’t live in fear for the rest of our lives.”

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One response to “Drug addict turns on family

  1. Anonymous

    September 7, 2011 at 3:23 AM

    This is truly so sad. I also have a son with an addiction. The worst part of their behavior is the manipulation as mother’s are often the targets. I wish someone could give me a manual on how to stop loving your own flesh and blood. Of how to hate the creation of God that had at one stage brought so much love and joy into your heart. Who depended on you to help with those 1st steps, the teething, the feeding, the aches and pains, the 1st day at creche, school, Sunday School, comfirmation class.

    Yes at one stage we loved them with pride and remembered how they grew in our wombs. How the laid right under our hearts and the joy we experienced with every movement. Now that pride has turned turned into pity.We are sadened by the fact that a part of us could suffer so violently under the curse of the drugs, distraught that there is nothing we as mothers can do, yet at one stage in their lives they only wanted mother’s care, love and guidance. I get my strenght to carry on by God and I trust that he will lead the way, whichever way this ends, I will accept God’s Will


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