Bogus cops ‘rob’ hawkers

01 Aug

The Daily Voice can reveal that bogus policemen are in fact a brazen robbery syndicate who fooled these unsuspecting shop owners into thinking they were being raided.

The real cops are now urging informal traders whose stock was confiscated in this fake raid to please come forward and lay criminal charges.

Last week, several hawkers who operate near the Grand Central shopping mall in the city centre were confronted by men dressed in police uniform.

These con men allegedly searched the stalls and then confiscated designer handbags and sports paraphernalia before loading it onto the back of a white bakkie.

Joey Edwards witnessed the event. He says he was on his way to buy cigarettes when he noticed the men in uniform digging through some of the hawkers’ stock.

“I saw what I believed was cops because they were all dressed in the SAPS uniform going through the stalls,” says Joey.

“The one guy was rummaging through a heap of bags and he was pulling all the Louis Vuitton bags out.

“At the same time I saw a white lady standing next to a bakkie and she was covering what they had already taken with a sail cloth.

“Something just didn’t feel right and the hawkers were in total shock.”

When the pictures landed on the desk of the Daily Voice, we immediately tried to trace the unit.

And that is when we made the shocking discovery.

Senior Law Enforcement Officer Shaun Smith says his unit was not involved in the raid that day.

And Adrian Lackay from the South African Revenue Services also denied that any of their customs officials raided the stalls.

Cops at Cape Town Central police station also didn’t have any records of a scheduled raid on the informal traders.

Police spokesman Captain FC van Wyk says: “We don’t have any knowledge of a police operation on traders at Grand Central.

He adds: “We ask that informal traders come to Cape Town Central Police Station and see the Station Commander to lay criminal charges.”

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