You shot my man for no reason

22 Jul

The wife of a former Flats gangster says her husband was shot for no reason.

Warren Godfrey ,27, an ex-member of the Yakkies gang, was killed in a suspected revenge attack by Americans gangsters on Sunday just after he and two friends left their Mitchell’s Plain home.

His grieving widow Valencia Godfrey, 27, says: “My husband was a member of (the Yakkies) gang many years ago but for the last seven years since we’ve been married, he turned his life around.”

The grieving widow says Warren lived for his family.

“After he left the gang, he made new friends and he was always with his family,” she says.

“My husband didn’t deserve to die like that. None of them were gangsters not even the people inside the car with him.”.

Valencia’s sister Patricia Ruiters, 33, whose husband Eugene, 36, was the driver of the car, says: “Just after they left, we heard five gunshots and we just rushed out, we had a feeling something wasn’t right.”

Eugene is recovering and police have not made arrests.

Its sad when people turn their lives around and the pass come and haunt them. I actually knew Warren when he was a Yakkie, also use to see him in Lotus area sometimes.

Is this the fate of our children? back in the day gangs had a code and I think many these days realize its not the “In” thing anymore and no role model for our kids. Soon as you decide to turn your life around your past come to haunt you. I remember the old gangsters use to say, they hanging up one glove / gun and the other will always be with their gang. This was done for protection reasons. With this came the lyn loop to get out of the gang but you will never be fully out. The gang will always view you as one and the so called enemies will to.

Faith plays a major role in the transition

What makes us join again? peer pressure?

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One response to “You shot my man for no reason

  1. Valencia Godfrey

    February 10, 2012 at 10:29 AM

    May ur soul R I P my love.u left an imprints of memories & I thank God 4 our 3 beautiful daughters(angels) he gave us.U left a piece behind in each & every 1 of them.u might be gone but will never be forgotten.Love u always my luv.


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