Shy Guy Tips

22 Jul

Guys do not enjoy being shy and particularly do not enjoy it when it comes to meeting women. However, shyness tends to be very common among men, more common than many women think. When it comes to flirting tips for shy guys, the first thing to remember is to always be yourself.

It may sound cliché but it is so true. Do not pretend to be someone other than who you are because a woman will see right through it. Be confident about who you are and recognize the value of yourself by being you. If you find your shyness gets in the way of flirting then practice talking in the mirror while you are alone and nobody is looking. It may sound odd but it can definitely help.

Women are naturally drawn to men with self-confident exuberant types of personalities, which sometimes put men at a loss, but there is no need to despair because even shy, introverted men can be coaxed out of their shell enough to meet interesting women.

It is a good idea to start small. First, instead of jumping right into flirting, look for ways to make friends or even acquaintances with the opposite sex. This will give you the opportunity to feel more comfortable talking to women in general. Take a class, attend a workshop, go to the gym and look for opportunities at work to have a casual conversation with someone at work or school.

Even if you just discuss the weather or movies or even a television show you are still conversing with a member of the opposite sex. You might be surprised to find that you are enjoying the conversation so much that you haven’t even noticed that your shyness has not shown itself! Meeting extroverted people could go a long way in helping you feel better about yourself and increasing your level of self-confidence.

Unfortunately, shyness is often associated with social awkwardness and the latter is a trait that can have women running in the other direction. If you go out to places, whether they are social settings, work settings or the like, always attempt to be cheery and upbeat. Everyone knows a man who is dreary, negative and depressed about everything turns off most women.

Once you are out there meeting people and you see a girl you like, strike up a conversation with her. Most of the time we get vibes about people and if she likes you she will smile and will want to keep talking and if she doesn’t, then do not beat yourself up about, it simply find another nice lady to talk to. Realize that you will not necessarily meet someone every time you go out so do not allow disappointment to rule your moods.

When it comes to flirting tips for shy guys the best advice is to realize that women suffer the same insecurities and worries about the opposite sex that men do. You may be feeling nervous and shy around her while she is feeling the same around you. Always look at women as complete human beings who have thoughts, feelings, dreams, goals and worries just as you do.

Whatever you do, remember that flirting is meant to be about having fun and not hurting or misleading anyone. Have faith in yourself and be patient and you will get there!

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