Salary / Cash flow in Provinces

21 Jul

I have worked in many a Provinces with in South Africa. The question I would like someone to answer is, why do we in Cape Town earn so little compared to the rest of South Africa. For the same position I have here I can get double or even a third more in any other province.

I tested this a while back, calling Eastern Cape, North West, Mpumalanga, Gauteng and Kwazulu Natal. I checked the market related salaries here for an Educator, Administrator and even a Packer. Surprisingly a Packer in 90% of other provinces earn what a Administrator does in Cape Town.

The question comes to mind, why?

  • Is it our infrastructure?
  • Allocation by government for our city’s budget
  • Companies wanting to profit more
  • We a DA province?

So i am thinking if I want to benefit from this country’s so called livable salaries do I have to relocate?

Its not University maths if you think the average household salary in Western Cape allows for many to just have enough for a day. People would not strike for more money if the resources prices came down. I mean if you paid for a bread R3 you would not want extra. Inflation another killer, just an excuse for Government to make a profit. Drivers licenses combined with toll roads killing our businesses (why not make it one fee per annum combined, works in other countries). Mortgage bonds , this is a killer for all, the profit financial institutions make is ridiculous (lending a R500000 mortgage you actually pay back well over R1million, imagine what that could of done for you in your life time).

Many will loose their jobs over the next 2 years as trade agreements comes into play. One of the industry that will be hit hard is the engineering sector, they have already started to go on short time (another word for government took the business to china). Retail, many are opting for foreign investment to make sure they not liquidated or run a massive loss, means less work for the people and more work for technology.

The lotto does not seem to help much? Any NPO’s or NGO’s receive some form of lotto money lately? We still keeping the lotto going, how many of us go out and buy at least one line, or pool together as friends or family and buy between R500 – R1000 tickets just in the hope of making something and living our dream and after the draw thinking jirri i could of used that money for……..

What happened to surviving along our coastline? Catching fish has become a job, you cant catch so much if you do not have a permit. Going camping?be prepared to be watched. How many can say they ate crayfish lately? freshly caught and not the “doppe” from the back of a bakkie.

You may argue times change and resources deplete. Ask the question as well, why is it millions of resources are exported whilst there isn’t enough for the people in the country. Where does the money go? Deals are made but we see nothing? Houses are being built but we not getting it? Prices increase on a daily rate but our salaries stay less than other province’s.

Cape town is winning award after award but the people is not getting credit for it. It’s the people who make this city what it is. We are diverse in every way, we been living together, along side each other for many a years ,decades, centuries even with apartheid we found someway to unite. Today we forgot what it is to unite as one people. Everyone living for themself just to make it on a daily basis.

Substance have taken over most of our kids lives, sport have been forgotten, fear is living our lives for us and Government is taking us for a long dead end road.

People have forgotten how to pray, kids don’t know why you should pray and hope seem like the lotto, u try and win but you never get there.

People are being divided in many way and forms and money is one of the main factors, be strong and believe, your time is coming……unite as the people




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One response to “Salary / Cash flow in Provinces

  1. Anonymous

    July 21, 2011 at 2:32 PM

    This is so true, My sister moved to JHB because she received an offer to earn three times the salary for the same job in JHB.

    A Receptionist in Cape Town earns R3500.00 in JHB you can earn R10 000.00


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