Banks what a joke in SA

21 Jul


On the 1/7/2011 R1500 was just taken out of my account no arrangments nothing. When I went to Standard bank they told me it was them and that I would have to call Nicola Naidoo. SO I did, it seems that according to her, because I was behind on the credit card payments Standard bank has the right to take what every amount they see fit out of your account without telling you. When I explained to her that they had taken all the money I had left in my account and left me and my 3 year old boy with nothing, she told me that she understands and will see that I get some of the money back as no-one can live on nothing. When she got back to me she said that no I would have to pay an amount that they saw fit and I will get nothing back. How is it that Standard Bank can just take what they want????? Now as a single mother I have to see to myself and my little boy on only R80…. Standard Bank are blood suckers they do not care out anyone at all, they just take take take….. Moving forward, ye right!



I opened a Nedbank business account about a year ago, and went through all the procedure of supplying all the documents and doing the dreaded FICA thing. I was up and running, conducting my business, had internet banking access etc. and everything was perfect. Alas about 3 weeks ago, I logged into my banking to do a transfer only to discover that my account had been suspended. My phone call to the bank revealed that my account was suspended due to not been FICA’d. Needless to say I was not amused, as I had gone through the whole FICA procedure when I originally opened the account. I was told that I had to do this over again!!! My question is, “how can a bank just suspend my account after all the procedures had been followed?” Must I be inconvenienced for the bank’s incompetence?

After raising my blood pressure with them, they very quickly rectified the situation.Surely this is not the way big banks should operate, and I seriously believe that they should be punished for their actions! I think they get away with murder and the only way to bring them to book is via the media.



My cheque account was recently upgraded from a Silver to a Gold account. During this upgrade its decided FOR you that you must now get statements posted & emailed to you at an extra cost! I have tried on several occasions to get this statement stopped as we NEVER asked for it, I’ve been in at least TWICE to the branch, each time it was sworn blind the statements would stop. I have just received yet another statement & billed for it! I want the money that has been deducted for ALL these statements to be refunded, we NEVER asked to receive them. I try to do ALL my banking via internet & I keep up to date regularly, I do NOT need pieces of paper with SO MUCH of my Private & Confidential information floating around emails of even worse, our postal service! I repeat, not once did we request this service, we were NEVER given the option to choose yes or no for it & we feel we deserve a refund of the fees related to these email AND posted statements. FNB is one of the better banks out there, which was the reason I moved all my affairs to FNB in the 1st place, but there are signs of cracks in the image they present to their clients & the service they’re starting to deliver…



On 4/7/2011 our geyser bursed. My husband immediatly turned of the tap resulting in no damage to the roof and carpet. We phoned ABSA to claim from the insurance. they sended out the plumbers. While taking out the old geyser they messed so much water that this resulted in the roof and carpet being damaged. We paid R500 for the plumbers – excess payment. We then called ABSA again and told them about the damage the plumbers made. They said they will send people out to give quotations. This is where we started getting NO service from ABSA. We had to call them the whole time to get any service out of them. they also told us it will cost us another R500 for damage that the plumbers inflicted. We spoke to managers and still NO SERVICE. We have to call the whole time to find out what is going on with our claim. STILL NOTHING!!!!! it is now 3 weeks later!!!?????


SA Homeloans

We bought a house 6 months ago through SA Home Loans, since, according to us they have a ‘Good Reputation’, to approve the loan they have to send an assesor. Everything is ALWAYS great when you pay, don’t claim and don’t complain!!! So, in December January we had alot of rain and the roofs started leaking, we called them to send an assesor so that we can put in a claim. According to the Service Providers report we don’t have a claim because the roofs are not waterproofed. The assesor didnt go ontop of the roof or in the ceiling. Does the assesor have x-ray eyes to ‘SEE’ al of this? And why was my loan approved if their x ray eyes could see the roof wasn’t waterproofed? So here I am, still unhappy, water in my house … and I’m still paying the insurance??? That doesnt make sence, but like I said NO PROBLEM IF YOU DON’T HAVE A PROBLEM!!!!



This page will be dedicated to bring South African companies to book for their BAD SERVICE in an attempt to help the consumer to proper value & service for our hard earned money.
Stand up fellow Mitchell’s Plainers and surrounding areas & lets warn our neighbours and shame these companies!!!!!It’s time we get value for our monies.

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