Anti-corruption hotline

21 Jul

The City of Cape Town would like to remind residents of its dedicated anti-corruption hotline, which can be used to report any instances of alleged corruption involving City officials.

Any member of the public, including residents, suppliers, companies and external parties can call the City’s toll-free anti-corruption hotline on 0800 32 31 30 to report suspected corruption.

The City is always grateful to residents who assist in ensuring that its officials can deliver the highest possible level of service. This hotline has greatly assisted the City in rooting out corruption in the past.

Most fraudulent acts involve a number of parties. The hotline’s slogan: ‘Resist, Refuse, and Report’ seeks to encourage any person who is aware of corruption to speak up and stop the cycle.

When a case of alleged corruption is reported to the hotline, it is logged for investigation. If the investigation proves that the allegation is true, the City takes immediate action to deal with the offender. The successful prosecution of officials for corrupt activities serves as a warning for other officials that this sort of action will not be tolerated.

The City regularly conducts internal and external audits, but smaller corrupt actions may go unseen in such a large organisation – the City employs some 23 000 people.

Corruption includes any number of illegal activities, ranging from the misappropriation of funds, to nepotism; from fraud, to fuel siphoning. The City adopts a zero tolerance approach to all forms of corruption – even those that may seem minor.

Residents who call the hotline will be asked to provide details of the incident, the full names of the individuals involved in the incident, and to specify the time period during which the incident occured.

Complainants are welcome to remain anonymous, but are strongly advised to include their own details to facilitate an investigation. When the full details of the allegation are provided, the City is able to direct the investigation, resulting in a faster outcome. Complainants may be called upon during the course of the investigation to submit an affidavit, which forms part of the case against the official accused of corruption.

The City appeals to residents to act as its ‘eyes and ears’ so that the Administration can live up to its promise that ‘the City works for you’.

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