Cop raped me at police station

20 Jul

A young woman fears for her safety after a cop accused of raping her while she was in police custody was released on bail.

While waiting in police cells for her court date, the young woman says she was raped by an on-duty officer after she refused to perform oral sex on him.

The 22-year-old woman from Atlantis says her terrible ordeal started on July 1, when she was arrested for being in possession of tik.

“I was at a house with friends when the police came there and started searching the place,” says the young woman. “One officer came straight to me and searched me even though I am a female.”

She says even though no tik was found in her possession, she was arrested when police officers saw a packet of tik on the bed where she sat.

“He put his hand in my pants at the back and dragged me to the van,” she says.

Her nightmare started when a different cop, whose name is known to the Daily Voice, entered the cell she shared with two other girls and ordered them to stand with their backs facing him and his colleagues.

“He told me I look nice from behind and that I am built well,” she says.

According to the traumatised girl, the same cop came back a few minutes later and rubbed his hand over his penis while he asked her what she would do if he made things easier on her.

She explains: “He said I must give him a blowjob but I said I would rather wait to go to court.”

According to the woman, the cop returned a few minutes later and took her from the cells, saying she had to speak to a detective.

“But when he pushed me in a small empty room, I became very scared,” she recalls.

She adds that she was only released from the ordeal when another cop came into the room.

“I managed to run back to the cells while I was still pulling up my pants,” she says.

The next day she was released without appearing in court.

It took her a whole week to gather the courage to lay a charge against the officer.

“At first I didn’t want to open a case because I thought nobody would believe me,” she says.

“It’s so unfair. I want him to be suspended because he might do it to another girl,” she says.

Now, DA councillor Barbara Rass is helping the young victim and her family.

“We are assisting them with legal advice so they can sue the police for unlawful arrest and the alleged rape while she was in police custody,” says Rass.

Meanwhile, Lieutenant-Colonel Andre Traut has confirmed a case of rape has been registered and the officer has been suspended.

“The member of the SAPS Atlantis was arrested and was granted bail of R500 on the same day of the arrest,” says Traut.

Does this sort of thing happen everywhere and does R500 bail seem like a fair enough amount? I know of a friend who was 3 months in a holding cell just to appear in court cause his parents could not afford the R2500 attorney fees alone.

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