Admission Policy for Schools

06 Jul

This is a very serious topic in our community. Where is the old days where your Parents just register you at a school and hier by Xmas koop hulle al skool klere vir volgende jaar.

Today we have to many focus Schools in our area, all wanting the cash prizes of competitions and the tag best school / top school. What happened to learning the child? I went to high school with A’s on my report card from primary school. As we all know high school is a different ball game. Not only the work, peer pressure and then you also have a boyfriend or girlfriend to cater for. Grades drop and rise, does that mean i cannot attend the school that is against my back yard???

Some schools do things illegally but because our laws have so many loop holes they get away with it. We have so many primary schools in the area but not enough space to place the learners.

The question could be asked, are we like birds in a cage, making babies every day or could government see that our children have rights, rights to go to a school 5 minutes or even 30km away from home. Imagine living in a flat not maintaining it for 30 years and expecting 20 families to live there from day one, 20 families will become 200000 over 30 years, does no one know maths up stairs.

My suggestion would be, either:

  • Add more classes and educators
  • Build more schools
  • Give schools a better allocation to improve themselves.

Below is the admission policy and gazette that will explain everything to you that is struggling to get your child in anywhere.

Think more is being put in bursaries to the wrong people than education for the majority at primary and high school level. Why pay for someones Tertiary education if you can’t keep them in the country.pffftttt


13_51_2_WCED Policy for the managment of admission and registration of learners at ordinary public schools

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