Talent in da plain

02 Jul



Mitchell’s Plain Task Team is Facebook

M.P.T.T is an initiative focusing on showcasing Mitchell’s Plain talent: eg: singing , dancing , rapping , theatre , arts & Crafts.
The M.P.T.T has been established to stimulate and develop our very talented community.
It is through acknowledging our societies need for positive expression and the importance of uniting people and building strong, positive dialogue and relationships within our community that M.P.T.T has been created.
With further regard to this, human development is highlighted as one of the outcomes of this initiative.
It’s a shame that SABC’s music content policy is 75% international and 25% local music, we as youth and local music lovers plan to change the status quo.
The hosting of regular events is about developing audiences and appreciation for local music, many music promoters, nightclubs as well as the television networks mainly cater for international sounds, most times ignoring many talented artists and products coming from South Africa.
These events create that necessary and professional platform for artists to perform, mobilize and express themselves.
Further skills development and extra workshops for dialogue.

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