Mitchell’s Plain Police

27 Jun

A complaint on hellopeter. how many of us has experience the same tauma

Friday night 24062011 the front of my property was raided by police and neighbourhood watch as its a shop,without issue of a search warrant. The police captain Jooste turned the place upside down as its a shop owned separately but being rented out non the less. Captain Jooste who was arrogant in his appraoach didnt appreciate my simple questioning with regards to his uncalled for action. Captain Jooste simply replied ‘Im not your friend’, I made it clear that he was ‘showing off’ infront off his people and that I could do the same….Poor Jooste EXPECTED ME TO ANSWER PHYSICALLY,BUT I was way to calm in my approach. He then threatened to lock me up,I asked again what the reason for the raid was, Jooste replied that the shop shouldnt have been open that late 12:00. He then indicated to a officer to arrest me ,the officer didnt.

Whatever Jooste’s police record of service may be,good or bad, his arrogant approach and manner wasnt taken lightly, and I intend to take it further . I went to make a formal complaint aginst him via Captain Johny at 07:45 this morning….whom wasnt available, but my details were left with Lucile in the same office….holding my breath

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