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  1. estihugo

    July 21, 2011 at 1:39 PM


    I sell perfume if anyone is interested.

    NEW PRODUCT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You will see that we have included a roll-on in the combo for Women’s Day. The roll-on’s are available in all fragrances. The men qualify for the promo of the roll-on…

    DIVA COMBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (for ladies only)
    The 3 products of this combo must be of the same fragrance.
    50ml Perfume
    50ml Body lotion
    50ml Roll-on
    @ R135.00

    ROLL-ON PROMOTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (for gents only)
    Any 50ml men’s roll-on @ R25.00

    Special is available from 01.08.2011 – 12.08.2011

    Please place orders asap because stock is flying as usual!

    Esti Hugo


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